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I needed a quick repair for sockets in my living room. Was a quick and easy task for these electricians!
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Just had a power failure? Contact our electrician in Islington

All your lights have just gone off, yet you changed the bulbs recently. This is a mystery to you, but not to our Islington electricians. They'll know how to enlighten you on this problem and solve it.  Call us now and one of our electricians come to your rescue as soon as possible. After a careful handling, you will have a well-lit house !

Our electricians are always at your service

No matter what time it is, our electricians are always available to help you with your electric circuits. They will be very pleased to give you a piece of advice for small repairs that you can do by yourself,  for example how many watts a device can endure. With our electricians of Islington, you will deal with people how are passionate and knowledgeable about electricity.

Our electricians can set an alarm up in your house in Islington

You have recently invested in a house and want to feel at ease. However, you constantly fear that someone could break into your home. Need to feel safer? You can rely on our electricians in Islington to install a brand new burglar alarm system. You can finally feel safe and comfortable in your new home! We offer a wide range of discreet and effective alarms that can be located in multiple locations, including in your garden, main entrance and garage. You will leave you house happily thanks to our electricians.


Quality of service and safety are our priorities


Well trained and effective electricians


Our electrical systems are guaranteed fail safe